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ALEX CONSTRUCTION PVT.LTD into the “realm of housing” with the intention of developing and promoting affordable homes for Middle class families. Hence we focused on the sub-urban areas of Chennai, which had un-tapped investment potential for developing housing projects. Our intention was to provide customer varied housing options in the Sub-Urban parts of Chennai city especially the South region of Chennai.
Our all important focus is to arrange the loan facilities for middle class people and deliver in terms of quality construction, pleasing designs, functional usage, easy access, affordable pricing and commitment to delivery schedules has been instrumental in nurturing the success of enterprise. The promoters are leading professionals in their field. They individually bring with them over 8 years of experience and expertise in construction, planning and development
Leveraging our comprehensive knowledge of residential; construction, the real estate industry and local building trends we create the best value for you as a customer…
Providing a complete package is our primary goal. We’ll care for all the details. Our agents will assist you in evaluating your options, choosing your home, its location and defining your choice. We will also assist you in obtaining the most advantageous financing package available.
Construction home is personally supervised by one of our expert engineers, resulting in a home of unsurpassed quality and durability that compliments you and your family's lifestyle needs. We maintain a customer - first philosophy in all our endeavors and we are devoted to delivering the highest level of value and service to every customer.
Whatever you desire, our experienced team of motivated and highly qualified construction specialists, supervisors, and project managers, will work diligently behind the scenes at the implementation level to deliver projects on time, while maintaining the highest level of quality.
The home that we drew with our little hands becomes an important dream in our life eventually.
“Your Dream Becomes True” with ALEX CONSTRUCTION

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